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Chris Lategan

Meeting creatives from all over the world and collaborating to make something unique is an immensely rewarding process. Each project comes with its own challenges, opportunities and lessons. After nearly two decades of working in film, I continue to love it. I keep up with advances in the industry and enjoy finding new ways to improve efficiency and impact of outcome. I find great joy in running a team of artistic professionals and we like seeing a plan come together to create a visual feast. I love beautiful films and strive to create sets that come to life as a character in its own right. Every frame is precious.

I have worked with some incredibly talented directors, such as Mira Nair, Anne SewitskySherry Hormann, Kai Wessel, Martin Gero, Mac Premo and many more.

I've also been fortunate to learn from very inspirational Production Designers, like Stephanie Carroll, Kevin PhippsFred du Preez, Tracy Collis, John Bennett, Tom Gubb and Clyde Rainsbury to name a few.

I've worked with international production companies such as NetflixWarner Brothers, Fox Searchlight and Sony Pictures as well as the best in South Africa, like Moonlighting, Film Afrika, Orange Films, Gatehouse and Farm Films.

I choose my team for any given project with careful consideration. The talent pool in our local film industry is a big one. There are hundreds of people in a given city who could do the job and do it very well. I like to find people that not only do their job well, but enjoy doing it with class and professionalism. I'm proud to say that my extended team consists of honest, intelligent, highly talented creatives with the ability to plan ahead as well as think on their feet. I enjoy spending time laughing, learning and creating with them.

We love good stories. Let us bring yours to life.

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My Crew

Nicole-Jade Mattei

Nicole-Jade Mattei is from Pretoria, South Africa. A woman with many talents outside of film, she utilises her depth of knowledge splendidly and applies it to her work with proven success. This climber, firefighter, fabricator, painter, bookworm is also an accomplished Props Master, Set Decorator and Art Director that doesn't hold back on set. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her talents are seemingly endless. 

Nicole's CV

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Danny Kibamba

Danny Camus Niancha Kibamba is from Douala, Cameroon. His jovial demeanor is only surpassed by his leadership and organisational skills. As a Code 10 Driver and Swing Gang Leader he runs his team like a smooth operator. All props and dressing are sure to be safely, orderly and intelligently stored when he is in charge. With no shortage of talent, strength and wisdom, Danny can handle everything from leading a construction team to running a production line of handmade fabrication. Most of all, this gentle giant keeps our team and our props safe.

Christiaan Payne

Christiaan Payne is from Langebaan, South Africa. He enjoys the outdoors, is passionate about fitness and loves to travel. Christiaan's ascension in the art department has as much to do with his professionalism as it does with his remarkable ability to solve problems in real time. As an on-set standby, prop fabricator or construction manager, Christiaan can be trusted to calmly and confidently come up with solutions. He runs his own timber, tool and carpentry business called Payne's Log and Timber and is always a welcome sight on film sets that need a strong and experienced pair of hands.

Christiaan's CV

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Melissa Faith Booysen

Melissa Faith Booysen is from Windhoek, Namibia. She enjoys festivals, politics and board games. A true lover of film, she is a director in the making. An independent filmmaker with a real passion for the art. She is a constant reminder of why we love what we do. As an Art Assistant, Props Buyer or Set Dresser Melissa shows impeccable talent. She's good at keeping the team's spirits up and is never scared to learn something new. She's very smart, hardworking, focused and hilarious.

Harry Zibowa

Harry Zibowa is from Harare, Zimbabwe. He is deadly at table tennis and loves to travel. As a young man he worked at a joinery, picking up valuable carpentry know-how. He then gained his impeccable driving skills while working as a Code 10 Driver for a stock exchange company importing and exporting goods to and from Zimbabwe. Very intelligent and quick witted, Harry is a thoughtful Swing Gang Leader. Hardworking, smart and honest, Harry doesn't shy away from challenges and has a great rapport with his colleagues.

Kelly Forsyth

Kelly-Gene Forsyth is from Cape Town, South Africa. She's loves the outdoors and enjoys a good sci-fi novel. With a background in Public Relations and Event Management, Kelly brings her own unique skill set to the team when working as a Coordinator or Set Dresser. She is intelligent, warm, has an eye for interior design and a penchant for research and organization. She keeps the team informed, well prepared and positive.

Leslie Smith

Leslie Smith is from Cape Town, South Africa. Incredibly attentive and quick on his feet, Leslie is a natural Standby. He puts great effort in to preparation and always comes fully kitted and ready for action. His personable nature and focus makes him a good communicator on set. He is respectful, smart, likable and has a visible work ethic. He thinks and acts fast and effectively. It is always a source of much comfort to the rest of the team when Leslie is on set.

Taygen Hendrikz

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Taygen Hendrikz is from Durban, South Africa. After studying Graphic Design at Vega, Taygen joined our team and immediately proved herself to be immensely valuable. Smart, modest, diligent and focused with a creative spirit and a very uplifting influence on the team, Taygen is professional and dutiful with an adorkably likable demeanor. When presented with a task or a challenge she can be counted on to get the job done and tie a bow around it with time to spare. We love having her on our team as an Art Assistant, Props Assistant or Set Dressing Assistant. She's simply wonderful!

Mari Smuts

Mari Swart is from Cape Town, South Africa. She enjoys painting and reading as well as singing and playing the guitar. Mari has worked as a stage manager in theatre and also has experience in make-up and wardrobe. She's worked in construction for theatre productions and she's just as handy with a drill or saw as she is fluffing pillows or arranging flowers. Multi-talented and a joy to have around, Mari brings maturity to her position as an Art Assistant, Props Buyer or Set Dresser.

Mari's CV